24/7 NOC Services

Get the knack of your NOC

Not all Network Operations Centres are as dependable as NetSumo’s. Some are glorified call centres. Others redirect you to representatives whose native language isn’t English. A few are simply inexperienced and cannot meet your requirements. Such unreliability can have the adverse effect of representing the service as nothing more than a NOC-off. As a result, companies are left to attend to their technology, rather than their business.

Yet here at NetSumo we can help. Not only do we have 7 years data centre experience, but we also give you direct access to our trained IT technicians who commit to dealing with your IT needs 24/7 x 365.  

Importantly, we can ‘white label’ the service in your name. This means that we act as an extension to your help desk out of hours. As part of the service, a direct number is assigned to your customers, enabling them to speak to our dedicated NOC team who can instantly address your business’ particular needs. As a result, this cost-effective service maximises overall efficiency. 

Indeed, with NetSumo you gain improved service levels, increased customer satisfaction and that all-important peace of mind.

Why not contact us today to see how we can benefit you!