Network Management & Design

When building networks with a constrained budget, requirements and deadline may seem difficult, perhaps even near impossible? This is where NetSumo really comes into its own. We can provide you with an extension to you technical team and compliment your already existing knowledge and understanding with a different point of view.

With the knowledge and understanding that the NetSumo teams have is proven to deliver the results our clients demand. Whether that be improving resilience, building new networks to hand multiple gigabits of traffic, or whether it's to protect their most prized assets. Not only can we help in designing the network, we can provide an end-to-end solution, where by we design the network, carryout pre-sales duedilligence, test the equipment in a lab environment if required, deploy the equipment and then maintain that infrastructure for you on an on-going basis.

Our comprehensive Management and Design services can ensure that we are thinking ahead for new technologies and changes within the industry like IPv6, so you aren't left behind. We also will provide you access to Technicians around the clock, 365 days a year who will have an understanding of your network, and can assist with problems or questions that occur.