Looking For A Job That Fit Your IT Skills

Looking For A Job That Fits Your IT Skills?

As the nation recovers from the debilitating recession that saw employment figures fall to their lowest levels in the last 50 years, the last 6 months of 2013 augurs well for job seekers in the technical, engineering and IT profession. With the economy picking up, and markets giving manufacturers promising uptrends in sales, the technology sector can expect a growing demand for capable IT professionals such as programmers, systems analysts, and IT project managers. Consider the following:

(1) Job surveys point to a promising 2014

As of the midpoint of 2013, a survey of 53% of job hunters revealed high confidence they would find better job prospects within the next 12 months. This is an improvement over similar surveys conducted at the start of 2013 and earlier. Among those who reported significant optimism, the engineering and IT sectors have most reason to be confident. The IT industry remains bullish in hiring software and applications developers, especially web developers and business systems analysts. It goes without saying the continuing popularity of social media sites, cloud computing systems, collaborative online tools, online gaming and other divertissements; IT professionals with a strong expertise and experience in web development will have an edge.

(2) Opportunities abound in a resurgent manufacturing sector

In a recent November 2013 survey, the manufacturing sector added 27,000 jobs, mostly in the food processing and the automotive industries, particularly parts manufacturing. This is the first time since a similar survey was conducted in early 2012 marking the most jobs created in this sector. And just about every head hunter knows that the manufacturing sector cannot survive without IT support.

(3) Healthcare job markets remain strong

One may wonder about the relevance of a strong healthcare job market with IT professionals, but unless one is familiar with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Management and the near-eventuality that the Federal Electronic Record Management Act getting passed, the relevance can easily be lost. The law will soon mandate that every healthcare practitioner engaged in business will have to provide the necessary IT hardware, system and support infrastructure to implement EMR. It is said that healthcare is immune to economic recession, and with a nation experiencing an aging population, healthcare demands can only grow, and with it, the demands to support EMR systems.

(4) Engineering and IT positions still see a continuing skills gap

Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning

From the point of view of employers, job vacancies are not wanting, but the professionals who can fit the bill are. A skill gap in the IT sector means there is short supply of engineering and IT professionals who can meet several specialized technical job specifications. A recent survey showed that 60% of employers report a higher demand for technical jobs in 2013 than in previous years, but only 49% surveyed were optimistic their vacancies could be filled, while a whopping 74% said there is a dearth of qualified engineering applicants and 49% said IT applicants lack the necessary skills. This may be a good reason for some up-to-date IT professionals to rejoice in further looking for their dream jobs, but for many, some skill enhancing education and experience are clearly in order.

(5) Outsourcing of Older IT Systems support opens new opportunities to learn new technologies

The Philippines and India currently lead in outsourced IT services that many companies have availed of and which many others are planning to undertake. BPO has become an inescapable cost avoidance trend fro many companies. But these cheap 3rd world labor sources provide support for older technologies in the form of applications development in the mainframe or client-server platforms, helpdesk operations, and legacy voice and data communications. This opens up the local IT job markets to look for IT professionals who have the skills to harness emerging technologies that no 3rd world country can yet support.

Conclusion: Upgrading your IT skills can be critical to landing a job in 2014

Knowledge in IT can be said to be the most volatile or obsolescent knowledge as the march towards achieving innovative products and services has increasingly made your past IT skills irrelevant. Cloud computing, virtual computing, mobile commerce, online applications, and new protocols in unified communications are just a few of the emerging technologies that require a continuing flow of IT professionals with updated skills. Your IT expertise 2-3 years back that landed you in your current job may well have made you unemployable with the demands of most IT jobs today. Higher management could, in fact, be planning to outsource your job at any time.

Prove Your Skills And The Job Is Yours

Prove Your Skills And The Job Is Yours

The key lies in continuously upgrading your skills. That may mean re-certificating yourself to the latest technology, enrolling in another post-graduate course, or simply proving that you are doing the work that the new job requires. Whichever way you present yourself, 2014 offers a lot of promise for the ambitious and forward-thinking IT professional.

Think As A Rich Person To Become One

Think Like A Rich Person To Become One

Very rich and successful people are simply awe inspiring especially if they were not born with a silver spoon. The journey of these highly successful people is filled with ups and downs that inspire the common man to learn from them to be like them as much as possible. After all these highly successful people know some unknown secrets that a normal common man doesn’t which have helped them in their empowerment by accumulation of wealth and fame.

The successful people were just like common people at some point of their life who got up in the morning and went to the local burger store to satiate their hunger. But something must have been surely special about them which helped them in reaching the top. Read on to know the golden rules that can lead you to the path of success.

They consider that health is truly the biggest wealth

The successful people always take care of their health and never work above the threshold limit of their body. That’s essential because you can’t be productive for long if you continually over stress yourself.

They shun the negative people like plaque

Positive Thinking Will Take You Where You Need To Go

Positive Thinking Will Take You Where You Need To Go

Negativity is the biggest setback in life if you ever think of being successful. Probably that’s why the highly successful people don’t keep the company of negative people even at the cost of appearing rude.

You’ll never find them hoarding money

Rich and wealthy people understand that there isn’t much difference between newspaper stash and cash hoarding. Both of these can’t grow! Therefore, rich people believe in investing their wealth as much as possible.

They assume everyone is good until someone proves them wrong

If you start dealing with a new person assuming that there is a negative side to him, then you can’t ever get the best out of that person. That’s why successful people consider everyone genuine until they get some wrong hint.

Expect them to take frequent vacations

If you think that vacationing is a waste of time, then probably you’re missing out a success secret. Successful people highly regard vacationing time which helps them de stress so that they can resume work with greater energy.

Success comes when you believe in building relations

Thrive And Trust Yourself

Thrive And Trust Yourself

All the people who are presently rich will agree to this point. Network building is very essential is getting success. You don’t have to start adding people to your LinkedIn profile. You just need to build good work relations.

Relying on yourself for advice will take you to top like them

If you are one of those people who rely too much on the advice of friends then change that nature. Successful people trust only their brain when it comes to taking the final call about something. However, they listen to crap advice too.

Trust yourself if you want others to

Self belief is one of the biggest virtues that every successful person has been bestowed with. You have to believe in yourself in order to make others believe in your dreams and plans. A smart person should think of investing the saved money. Lastly, you should try not to make enemies in your business.

Don't Be Embarrassed.. Do Something About It!

Don’t Be Embarrassed.. Do Something About It!

Man boob is usually present in people who have excess fat in their body. The glandular tissues around a man’s breast increases due to excess fat in the body, thereby making it swell. Most of the men suffering from man boob feel embarrassed about it. At times it could be hereditary problem. Although, it’s permanent solution lies in proper medication or surgery, you may minimize your embarrassments by following few self help processes.

Recreate your wardrobe

If you are not currently planning to visit a doctor or specialist because your finances do not allow it or you are afraid of a surgery, try making your boobs look less obvious. Change or recreate your wardrobe. Get something to wear that suits your body well. You can’t just think about skin fitting shirts or T-shirts. Don’t try flashy prints or color. Instead, try sober and soothing colors. Round neck shirts should be avoided.

Follow a proper weight loss schedule

With Exercise And Diet  Man Boobs Go Away

With Exercise And Diet Man Boobs Go Away

Excess fat present in your body is most prominent reason for that bulge around your breast. When you know that excess fat is causing this problem, the next thing you have to do is start losing it. Get a proper work-out schedule for yourself. If required, get a trainer for yourself. Although, it would be a gradual process, but once you start losing those extra pounds in your body, your body will look fitter and you will surely gain confidence out of it. Even if it is not a full remedy to get rid of man boobs completely, you will have a better body and will add to your overall personality.

Keep a check on your diet

As humans, we all need a specific amount for calorie for survival based on our body type and lifestyle. Evaluate how much you need for yourself. You can refer to internet to know the amount of calorie your body needs. Moreover, stay away from protein and fat containing food. Junk foods are strict NO. Sea Food, Meat, Fried Food or any such item which have high amount of fat or protein should be avoided. Stay away from Soda and aerated drinks, alcohol and high sugar drinks. Drink lot of water to support your metabolism.

Use proper posture while sitting and walking

Often, when we have long working hours on chair, we tend to lean forward and that causes our chest muscles to tighten. If this is the situation with you, your man boobs will look more prominent. Get the right position for yourself while you sit or even when you are standing or walking. Don’t lean forward, rather keep your shoulders slightly behind your neckline.

Before And After

Before And After

To sum up, it’s believed that most of the cases reported for Man Boobs do not need severe medical treatment and can be corrected through proper work-out, healthy food habits and following the correct body posture. Still, if nothing is working for you, get in touch with an experienced surgeon. Surgery would be a little costly but will take away your problem for ever. Surgery may leave few scars, but you will surely get a different life with confidence and strength.

Make Money By Investing Money

Make Money By Investing Money

Every year, investment experts and advisors give the way forward on the kind of investment that investors should focus on. In most cases, the information that they reveal is reliable since they use various tools to evaluate and rank profitable investments for each beginning year.
Last year (2013) investors had proposed various investment options which indeed turned out to big earners. This year, they have also reviewed their proposals and have come up with the following as the top five investments for 2014.

1. Investment in the stock market

This year, the stock market is expected to improve in most parts of the world. This can be confirmed by the fact that most states and countries enjoyed good economic statuses towards the end of 2013. If that stability will persist, the stock market will definitely follow that trend. Investment experts have also argued that last year was marked by an increase in the number of people who took advantage of the stock market.

2. Real estate

Real Estate Is Always A Good Investment

Real Estate Is Always A Good Investment

Basically, investing in real estate has been booming for the past five years. Various regions have recorded an increase in the number of people who move to urban areas. As the standards of living of most people improve, the real estate industry will also follow that trend. Real estate investment ranks the safest investment option in the world. When you decide to invest in this area, rest assured that you will reap the rewards. Another advantage of investing in real estate is that you can demand a price that matches your needs.

3. Investing in bank fixed deposit

Though this option is least exploited, it should always be remembered that it is one of the safest investment especially for individuals who can get satisfied with an investment growth of up to 10% each year. Bank fixed deposit investment is reliable. You can ascertain the amount that you will earn after a specified period since the terms are specified.

4. The commodity market

This is another investment option that received millions of investors last year. In fact, there are high expectations that this sector will improve this year. In a commodity market, there are various products that a trader can trade in. For instance, an investor can choose to invest in bullions, metals or energy. As you can see, it is flexible since it offers several options to choose from.

5. Investing in mutual fund

Start Investing And Duplicate Your Wealth

Start Investing And Duplicate Your Wealth

Up to last year, few people understood the fact that mutual funds can bring a lot of returns. However, according to investment reports, several mutual fund firms carried out training opportunities towards the end of 2013. They also revealed the little known advantages that accrue from the investment option.

The list has captured five top investments for the year. It is important to understand that there are several other options that will come a long as we progress.

Welcome The New Technology That Will Help Your Business

This New Technology Can Help Your Business Grow

Web conferencing or webinars as they are usually called have enabled small and big businesses to grow their business not just domestically but also globally. Here are some ways you can use webinars to grow your business.

Train your employees globally

Webinars are a great way to train your employees globally without incurring thousands of dollars. Moreover, since all the employees of a particular department are trained by a single training module there is standardization of the process and less ambiguity. Standardization leads to higher profitability and better customer management.

Meeting with your existing clients

Meet With Clients Or Potential Clients

Meet With Clients Or Potential Clients

You can touch base with your existing clients without flying to different regions and incurring huge costs. All these costs may eventually deter you to be in touch with your clients more often. It is always important to keep getting regular feed back with your clients and webinars gives them a more personalized attention, which every customer likes. Moreover, you can also inform your key clients about the new updates and offers. If you have many clients and it is almost impossible for you to reach out to them directly and face to face, then webinar may be a good way to reach out to them and host a product demo to inform them about new updates and offers.

Pitch your product

Webinars could be a great way to pitch your product to people sitting in remote locations and countries that are beyond your reach. All you need to do is give them a link and host a webinar for your prospective clients informing them about your product or service sitting in the comfort of your office or even house. Many home-based businesses are using webinars to pitch the product, as all you need in a webinar is a clear audio, visual and a decent background.

Question and answer session with your staff

It is very important to be in touch with your staff and employees directly. Not all the times you can fly down to the country to meet your staff. Webinars can help you understand the problems or challenges faced by your staff without you having to spend too much money on conferences designed for this. Take time out every week or every month to interact with your staff where you can talk to them directly and answer their questions. People are the assets of any organization and they can make or break a company.

Be in touch while on vacation

It has never been easier to work while you are on a vacation. You can now go on a vacation with your friends and family without worrying about that important meeting which you otherwise had to miss. Just set up the laptop in your hotel room, get access to a fast enough Wi-Fi, put a do not disturb sign and you are ready to have a meeting with your client or vendor sitting in Hawaii or Honolulu that too with your family.

Stay Connected With Your Clients

Stay Connected With Your Clients

Webinars are not only an amazing tool to grow your business but they are also one of the best cost cutting tools. Some experts say that webinars or web conferencing tool provider companies like Cisco (Webex) are the actual big competitors for the aviation industry. These tools have enabled companies to reach out to clients globally without spending the millions on air tickets and hotel stays of their employees.

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